My 1st Entry

Dear Reader,

I wrote Semisweet to tell you and the whole world about the most remarkable school on earth: the Milton Hershey School. But what makes this "orphanage" remarkable is not that it has a trust exceeding $12 billion and owns a controlling interest of the Hershey Company - a Fortune 500 corporation. That is extraordinary too. But I wrote this saga to trumpet the school's founders' unparalleled generosity and on-going mission to serve and save thousands of the neediest children in America - from 1909, and "in perpetuity" no less. Thanks to Milton and Catherine Hershey, the Milton Hershey School is one of the rare places on the planet where inordinate resources and a sacred mission combine to produce a miracle.  

I wrote Semisweet as a forthright account of the school based upon my sixty-two year journey through it, first as an orphan toddler, through my teens and then as an alumni protest leader, and finally as president of Milton Hershey School. In stunning full-circle fashion, I was asked to help save the school that has saved my life. My fellow time-traveler, through the rough and tumble orphanage of the 1950s is my older brother, Frankie. He would not be so lucky. 

Millions of people know firsthand about delicious Hershey Chocolate. But relatively few people know about the remarkable school Mr. Hershey's chocolate built. Hopefully, Semisweet will expose you to the life-saving deeds  - and the challenges - of this little-known national treasure. And as you contemplate Milton Hershey School's inexhaustible treasure, you may want to think about how this miraculous institution could save even more disadvantaged children. The best is yet to come. 

Johnny O.